Saturday, April 10, 2010

Can't Read Just One!

I am a person who cannot read just one book at a time.  It is physically impossible for me to concentrate on one story.  I usually have two to three books going all the time.  Some I devour quickly, others take a little longer.  Two weeks on one book is my limit.  There are those that I just can't get into at that time, and I'll set them aside and pick them up later when I'm in the right frame of mind to appreciate the story.

I've had people ask me "How do you find the time to read?"  And I always say, " I make the time." It's the same as anything else in life.  If it's something you love, and you have a passion for it, you carve out a place in your day to enjoy it.  Even if it's only a few quick pages before I go to work, or managing a chapter before shutting off the light at night, I always read everyday.  I don't know how to drive in unfamiliar places, because I would rather sit in the passenger seat and read!  Maps don't count.

I have thought of keeping a list of what I'm going to read next week, next month, or what I'd like to read this summer, but I realize it's impossible for me to even attempt it.  The list would last about one week.   Every week, I say to myself "Self, you're  going to  finish this book in a few days and start on this other book next."  And each week, I go to work, walk the store, and say to myself  "Self,  you've got to get that book and read it now!"  I can never catch up; when I get close to finishing multiple books, I take one of my days off and sit and read until they're all done.

I figure I have enough books  purchased and put on my bookcases to see me through a winter like the one in Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter.  I would gladly twist straw for hours to burn in the stove if it meant I could keep my books safe to read!  Actually, with the winter we've just had, I think I will stockpile more books for the next winter.  The bookstore is only minutes from my house, but heaven forbid I don't have back-up books in case of bad weather!  And now I have my nook for extra reading space.

So now I'm reading a wide variety of books--The latest paperback from Jim Butcher- Turn Coat  featuring Harry Dresden, Chicago wizard extraordinaire;  a civil war spy novel/love story called All Other Nights by Dara Horn, and the second in a teen series called The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer.  This will probably change sometime this week, as I pick up something else lying about the house and dive into it.  There is no help for me!  

I'll be sure to provide  some bookalicious babe reviews as soon as I can; but for now, I have some reading to do.  Just so you know, I've purchased the first novel in the George R. R. Martin saga A Song of Ice and Fire called A Game of Thrones.  It's 800 pages...  :}

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