Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Sookie!

I've gotta say, I love Sookie.  Who, you say?  Sookie Stackhouse, the mind reading waitress who is the central character in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels.  Her latest- Dead in the Family just came out Tuesday, and I eagerly picked it up and read it over the last few days.

Here's what I love about these novels:  They take place in Bon Temps, Louisiana, they mix modern day with vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters,  and witches, and they're pure fun.  I read her first novel, Dead Until Dark years ago.  It's been so long, my copy is a lovely shade of yellow and the spine is creased.  Charlaine has imagined a world that is, strangely enough, utterly believable.  Vampires have "come out" and are a part of society.  Weres and other creatures are still keeping it  quiet; you never know if your co-worker or next door neighbor is a supernatural creature.

Sookie is a twenty-something blond waitress at Merlotte's bar.  Sookie has lived in Bon Temps her entire life, and, along with her brother Jason, know pretty much everyone in town.  Most people know there's something strange about Sookie, but they don't know what.  She's a mind reader; she can pick up people's thoughts.  It's made her life hell, and she's basically isolated herself in order to keep some quiet in her head.  She can't date a normal man, because she can hear his thoughts.  Kinda ruins a date.  Who wants to know everything about someone on the first date?

Enter Bill.  Bill Compton is a vampire, who has ties to Bon Temps.  He comes into Merlotte's one night, and Sookie has a few shocks:  Not only is Bill the first vampire she's ever met, but she can't hear his thoughts.  Utter bliss.  And Sookie's adventures begin.

Sookie is a great character.  She's funny, clever, and loyal to her friends and family.  She's someone you would like if you ever met her.
Dead in the Family is the tenth Sookie novel.  Reading them has been a delight, and as Sookie's world evolves, she encounters more love, heartbreak, and heart-wrenching decisions.  I thought this was another great novel; it's getting harder for Sookie to keep herself out of trouble and live simply.  You have to read the first nine--I won't tell you anymore!

Many people have watched True Blood on HBO; it is based on the Sookie novels.  The third season begins next month, and I look forward to watching the mayhem in Bon Temps.  But, if you've never read the novels, read them before you watch the  show.  While I love the series, I think the books are better.  And, don't think of just buying the first novel.   Go ahead and buy at least the first three, 'cause you'll stay up reading them, and go right into the next one.  Actually, just buy the box set.  It's the first eight.  Then buy #9, which just came out in paperback.   Just think--within a month, you'll have read all ten!  Enjoy!!

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  1. I can't wait to read it! I love Sookie (both the books and the show). I am almost done reading one of Harris' other books and I really like it. Thanks for all the great book reviews.