Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Getting Close To The End...Sorta

Ok--I have been reading Game of Thrones for over two weeks now--which is usually my longest time to read a book.  Yes, it's 800 pages, but I am in the 500's now, and I think tonight I may be able to hit it for a few hours.  Feeling icky makes me just want to lay on the couch and not do anything--even read, really.   But if I lay there with some hot tea, and my glasses on, covered with a blanket, I can read in between short naps and the new episode of Ghost Hunters.

Anyway, if you haven't read Game of Thrones, pick it up and read it!  It is dark, I will say.  Part of what is taking me so long is that, as a reader, I know bad things are coming down the line, and I  am kinda helpless--I'm just there for the ride.  And hang on--cause, as my friend Kirk said to me "George R. R. Martin doesn't care what character it is--he will kill off anyone and do anything to any character."

I have found this to be true. I have a feeling more is in store for me in the next few hundred pages.

 So you don't like Sci-Fi?  Step out of your comfort zone, and try this one.  It really is a classic, in the way that Lord of the Rings is a classic.  I bet you know someone who has not only read Game of Thrones, but the rest of the series.  Just ask them.  I have yet to hear one bad review from anyone I know who's read them.  Well, the only bad review is that it takes the author too damn long to write them.  Six years between the last one and the new one coming out in July.

The books are also available as ebooks, too--if you don't want to haul a heavy paperback around with you. If you know a teen who likes fantasy, give them this book.  They will love it.  Although you must warn them there are no vampires in it.  Lots of other spooky stuff that lurks "above the wall".  Oooooh  so scary...

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