Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Semi-Sweet--A Novel About Love and Cupcakes

Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney is a book that has much more than delicious cupcakes.  Meaney's novel, set in Ireland,  centers around Hannah Robinson, a thirty-something woman who has finally taken the plunge and is days away from opening a cupcake shop.  

Her boyfriend Patrick decides that it's time to break things off with Hannah.  Patrick is a total jerk--he's already having an affair, and soon finds out his new girlfriend is pregnant.  Hannah struggles to pick up the pieces and uses her cupcake shop as therapy to get over Patrick.

Hannah's story is one of many in this novel.  Her friend Adam moves in with her to help pay bills, and he soon finds himself captivated by a young musician who plays at the local wine bar.  Can he find a way to talk to her and get closer?  And what about Wally, the taxi cab driver who Hannah slowly gets to know over the months?  Is John, a recent addition to Clongarvin the answer to Hannah's loneliness?

Once again, we find out that living in a small town usually means there's a lot going on under the surface.  Hannah's cupcake shop ties each of the stories together.  It's a light, yet solid read  for anyone who wants  a good story for the summer and escape to a small town in Ireland for a few hours.  Go ahead--eat a cupcake while you read!

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  1. I did a review of "How to Be Single" over at my place today. You have to check out this book. I love love love it.