Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reading Log Jam

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This is my current state of reading.  Log Jam Central.  Except I'm not standing on the logs, I am underneath them. Arrgh!!  Still winding my way through 10,000 years of English history in Sarum, working on the latest spooktacular novel in the Amelia Grey Series, and trying really hard to get into Katherine Howe's newest novel The House of Velvet and Glass.  I am trying to figure out just where this story is heading, but it's not captivating me enough to be relentless about it.  

And the books awaiting to be read are also overwhelming.  I have another book talk lined up in early May for a retirement home here in town.  I've talked there before (usually every 6 weeks or so) and they like particular books, so I'm working on reading a few titles I know they would like.  Plus I have a book to read and comment on for the B&N Recommends Program (due by May 4th) and the lovely Melissa at S&S sent me a copy of The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich to read and review by Mother's Day.  Phew.  A lot on my plate--and life is interrupting my reading time and starting to make me slightly crabby.  Why, oh why can't I operate on 4 hours of sleep every night?  I could get so much more done.  

My bright spot this week is meeting a friend today after work to talk about books. We truly are two book nerds who will babble on and on about what we want to read, what we're reading, and what the other should read.  

Let's hope this weekend finds me sitting on my tushy and reading a bit.  This is, of course, after running, working in the yard, and running errands.  

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  1. i miss having a book bud to chat with, lucky you, mine moved away and there honestly are not enough book nerds out there to chat it up...

    i hear you on the log jam... i read 10 books in 10 days, then read nothing for 10. it makes me feel guilty, but i spent my evening trying to solve problems from another book i read earlier... never done a problem in my life, hence why my nights are flitting away as i try and get my old brain back to logic questions i most likely never could do in the first place! thats whats so great about reading, it opens doors and doors and doors, so i am not powering down books as i like, i am still learning in a new way... I HOPE!