Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Talks Next Week! What I'm Reading For Them

A really fun part of my job is giving book talks.  I can't seem to shut up about reading, so I guess it's easy to say "I would love to talk to your group about books--where and when?"  And next week, I have two talks in one day--a luncheon crowd at a private home, and a book club meeting at my bookstore that night.  I sometimes feel a bit of a pinch to talk about brand spanking new books, but have learned to incorporate books I've already read into my talk.  This way I'm not stressing myself out by trying to read gobs of books right before my talks.  And, I have to remember that the people I'm talking to do not know all the books that are out there--they don't work at a bookstore like I do.  I see waaaaay too many new books every week!  Temptation is always staring me in the face.  

Anyway--here are three books I'm going to be reading this week so I can add them to my book talks next week.  I've already created my "talking" list, but I'm really looking forward to these stories--have to add them--and I hope to hit my Good reads 2012 challenge by next week, too.  These were novels that peaked my interest, so I just have to fit them in--and talk talk talk about them, too:

I have heard such mixed reviews of The House I Loved that I must read it.  I haven't read her other two titles--which seems to be the center of most of the so-so reviews for this one.  Since I have nothing to compare it to, I think I'll be able to read it from a different perspective.  I never got a chance to read it in hardcover, so I bought the paperback last week.  I also have heard wonderful things about The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.  A fun, fresh adventure story featuring a 100 year old man who escapes his nursing home and relives his life.  And since I read so many novels by women, I want to enjoy some novels written by men.  The Sisters grabbed my attention as I was putting it out on a new paperback table at work.  I read the author's interview at the back of the novel and decided it would be a fascinating read about a tragic break up between sisters--I have 4--what would happen if I didn't speak to one of them ever again?  And what would cause such a chasm?  It will definitely be one to recommend to book clubs.  

Add these three to my book talk next week.  I've already read plenty of other titles, so my list is complete.  I've found most groups prefer to read paperbacks, so that's what I aim for--and for those who don't mind the format, I usually sprinkle in a hardcover or two.  It's always refreshing and fun to have free reign in my book talks.  

What are you reading this week?

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