Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Read Off The Shelves: How's It Going?

Well.  I am happy with my progress. 4 titles read off my first list of 25 titles.  I find the challenge occupying my brain more than I thought it would.  I itch to pick another book off my list and whittle that number down to zero.  

It will happen.  

I'm still having a hard time concentrating on any one book.  I guess this will improve over time, as my brain calms down and quite frankly, when I'm not so damn sad and my grief isn't so present every day.  Sitting on the couch and staring at nothing still has a strong appeal over my reading.  But, I'm getting better.  I promise.  Fun, funky, contemporary novels seem to be keeping my interest over anything historical.  And books about family sagas  and particularly sisters are just too painful for me to pick up.  I'll take this as an opportunity to delve into books I've dismissed before as "not my type".  Maybe they'll be my type for this period in my reading life.  I will have to make an exception to my historical novel ban for The House Girl by Tara Conklin.  The South is calling me...

So:  what's up next?  I've had to dig into my boxes in the basement to find a few titles that I packed away on a cleaning binge and promptly forgot I had them:  

ARC of this one--dual time storyline

Now out in paperback.  Pride & Prejudice + murder.  Plus I'm reading a mystery!!

ARC about chocolate, romance, and Paris

British comedy.  Right up my alley

Small town in Ireland.  Enough said.
So I've got a few up my sleeves.  Will I read them all, or take a huge diverting path into non-fiction?  Dunno.  Right now I'm consumed with which one to start first.  **Sigh**.  Life as a book lover can be so darn hard. 

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  1. i am so sorry for your loss, i know i can only read when i am happy, its just to personal to read when you are sad, every word soaks in so deeply and its hard to shake them off, especially at night...

    its good to read light hearted, to help you heal. i am sure almost any book could stir the sadness since family dynamics usually always appear, but i recently read a very quirky book, the fang family. when you are ready for different, check that one out~