Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Upcoming Summer Reads

Finally, finally! I can say that Spring is here in Iowa.  Waking up to birds every morning means sleeping late is not an option.  But who wants to sleep late when it's so beautiful outside anyway?  The long endless winter is over.  Tulips are blooming; hanging flower baskets are in my near future.  This means I get to enjoy sitting outside and reading.  What kind of books to read?  Fun stuff.  Frothy, with an occasional bit of seriousness.  A teen book or sci-fi tossed in on occasion.  Reading off my bookshelves--both the shelves I have at home, and those on my Nook.  

Here are a few of the fun books I have lined up to read in the next month.  I plan on doing most of my reading sitting on my tush outside on my back patio, sipping a cool drink and relaxing under an umbrella.  Ah....I can already picture it now!  

A frothy romance about starting over

A favorite British author 

ARC from publisher about a
family starting over in France
And finally....the one I've been waiting months to read:

Gigantic history of Paris by a fantastic
historical author
If you've never read any of Edward Rutherfurd's novels, I suggest you do so.  He is flat out amazing.  But beware--they are very large!

I'll be reviewing each one of the novels I've mentioned here in future posts.  

What's on your radar this summer?  Fun and flippy, mysteries, or some good biographies?  Some good teen novels?  How about those young reader books that are so much fun?  

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