Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading for School, Book Talks, and Me--Can it be Done?

I forgot just how much reading there is for school.  Even more so this time around.  Lots of articles online.  One class I have is called Resources for Adults.  It's a great examination of popular reading--genres--and how they fit into libraries and what exactly they mean in the book world.  

It means I will be reading a lot of stuff.  Most importantly, I will be required to read one particular genre book each week for class.  This is normally not a big problem for me--I already have my first two books picked out, thanks to my very own library at home.  All those titles I bought and haven't had a chance to read--well, now I have a reason to read them this semester.  

However, I've been in school for two weeks, and I haven't managed to read much more than school stuff just yet.  Time management is something I have to work on and get together PRONTO or this chicky won't be posting too many book reviews.  And that would be a crime.  

Meanwhile, my book talks at work have blossomed--I have two more lined up in the next month, plus a librarian talk scheduled in October for local librarians.  I had a great customer service experience last night at work.  A woman asked me for help with a list of books for potential book club choices, and told me I had helped her before and one of the books I had recommended became their favorite read.  But she couldn't remember what the book was--hey--I'll take that victory anyway.  She was very interested in coming into the bookstore for a book talk, so I gave her my card and told her to get in touch to arrange something.  I do love talking about books to people!  So with all of these book talks coming up in the near future, I have a lot of books to try and read and recommend.  

This will be an interesting marriage of what I have to read with what I want to read with what I think others would like.  A trifecta of reading that I've never attempted before.  

 But anyway, I am currently reading The Returned by Jason Mott and I can't wait to review it for you! Look for the review sometime early next week.  If I don't get it finished before that--I am having a hard time not wanting to just sit down and read it all in one gulp.  

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