Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Making of Nebraska Brown by Louise Caiola

What happens when you find yourself waking up in another country, with a different name, and a different boyfriend?  

That's the story of Ann Leigh, who wakes up in Italy and finds herself struggling to understand how she knows the language, feels at home, and has Tommy, an attractive Italian boyfriend (who's also her boss).  Why does she keep having flashes of another life in small town Nebraska; engaged to Shane Kirkland, someone she may or may not love?

Ann Leigh's confusion is multiplied by the passport she carries that says she's Ana Lisa.  Having flashes of another life leads her to begin searching for answers in California on a business trip with Tommy.  

What Ann Leigh discovers will cause her heartbreak and force her to question her whole life--what she knows and what she wants.  What role does Tommy play in all the secrets surrounding her life in Italy?  

This is a story about a young woman who must face her past in order to know herself and grow up.  It's painful, messy, and heartbreaking.  Can she trust anyone but herself?  

This would be a great novel for teens and college-age women to read.  Starting out at eighteen, life is big, and there are many choices.  Sometimes the choices we make can leave us wandering,  looking for someplace and someone to call home.  

Thanks to Rebecca Hamilton for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

Rating:  6/10 for a unique plot that keeps you guessing as Ann Leigh works to uncover what's missing in her memory.  

Available in paperback and e-book.  

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