Friday, January 16, 2015

Harlequin Reader Service Blog Shout Out!

2014 was an amazing year for my blog--not only did I get to read a lot of amazing books, but I got to share them with a growing audience.  I am humbled by the growth of my blog, and all I can say is a big THANK YOU! to everyone who stops in, reads my reviews, and most especially comments.  I love to hear from everyone, so don't be shy.  

Carleigh from Harlequin featured my blog on the Harlequin Reader Service Blog today.  If you think Harlequin is just full of monthly romances, you are wrong!  They've branched out into mystery, science fiction, fiction, and even teen novels.  There's something for everyone.  Please check out their blog, and read about the other blogs Carleigh has featured.  The Reader Service Blog is a great place to find news about upcoming and featured titles, lifestyle posts, book giveaways, and author interviews.  You just may discover a new favorite author. 

Here's the link to the post featuring The Bookalicious Babe:


 Thank you  Harlequin for putting the spotlight on my little blog.  And as for upcoming reviews, watch for these in the coming few weeks:

The Martian

Girl on the Train

Ship of Brides

Dress Shop of Dreams

When Books Went to War

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I hope you spend some of it reading :)

Sue  aka the Bookalicious Babe 


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