Monday, October 31, 2016

Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

 Can't get enough of Jojo Moyes?  Paris for One is a delightful tidbit that's sure to please while you wait for another full length novel from Jojo.  

I'm a fan of Jojo Moyes; I've read just about all of her novels.  What I like most is her ability to write a completely different novel each time--contemporary, historical, gut wrenching boo-hoo love stories, and complex relationships that can make a happy ending seem like a monumental task--but worth the effort.  

This collection of short stories starts off with the story Paris for One, and it's the longest of the stories.  Nell is a meek young lady who decides to treat herself and her loser boyfriend Pete to a weekend in Paris.  It's her first trip out of England, and she's a bit nervous.  Pete texts her that he just can't join her, so she decides to board the train to Paris and go on without him, hoping he'll join her the next day.  Yes, you can guess what happens next.  Nell's weekend in Paris becomes a life changing, pivotal time where she learns to step out of her comfort zone and maybe, perhaps, find a reason to come back to Paris.  You'll find yourself cheering Nell on and while the story has a predictable ending, it's still a satisfying short story.  

Other stories in the collection are shorter.  Between the Tweets finds a former TV presenter battling to save his reputation against a woman claiming an affair; A Bird in the Hand has a woman at a dinner party running into a past love and his new wife; Holdups  is a funny little story about a robber and a sales clerk in the jewelry store who is locked in a back office.  There are more stories, and every one is very different.  But all deal with love, disappointment, and examining relationships both new and old.  

A big thank you to Viking/Penguin for a review copy.  

Rating:  7/10 for a delightful short story collection examining the ups and downs of love and our never ending quest to find it.  

Available in hardcover, e-book, and audio book. 

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