Friday, March 3, 2017

March Reads: That Time I Went to the Bookstore and the Library and Got in Trouble

Somewhere along the way in the past week, I lost my book loving mind.  I had a handle on things; was making my list of books to read and review for March; had it all figured out. 

Then I met my friends at B&N for our book group, and I went to the library-twice.  Then I had a late night conversation with my brother Dan, and this conversation had me pulling a book out of the stack for "later" and moving it up to "now!".  I can't decide what to put back for April, so guess what:  this month I'm being very ambitious and a little crazy and having a read and review bonanza!  

What's coming up in March:

Newberry winner!

Publisher review

If you've followed my blog, you know I love Sarah Jio.  Can't wait!

Uh...Neil Gaiman.  Enough Said.  Had to buy this one. 

Saw this at the library and was intrigued.  

My brother told me my sis-in-law is reading this right now and is freaked out.  I immediately moved it to my March reading pile.  Bought last week at B&N with a great deal!

A book I'm positive I've bought, but can't find.  Checked it out from the library.  Originally came out as a teen novel, now the rest of the series is considered adult Sci-Fi.  Hmmm.

I've read Beth Gutcheon before and loved her writing.  Saw this at the bookstore and then found it at the library.  

I'm overly ambitious, I know.  I'm going to enjoy this month's reading binge!

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