Sunday, August 2, 2020

August Reads: A Mixed Bag of Genres

It's so darn hard to narrow down what I want to read every month. Too many choices; and yes, I'm the "squirrel!" kind of person when it comes to new books. 
However, I've got an interesting mix this month, and I noticed that they're genre heavy this time around. I'm really happy that I am the type of reader who enjoys a wide variety of books both non-fiction and fiction. There are definitely times when I want something light and happy (romance) and other times when I want to dig into a thick historical fiction novel. I've also noticed there seems to be more novels that most would consider in the horror genre popping up every month. Maybe it's making a comeback. 

This list isn't everything I'm reading; I'm still working on Action Park and The Cooking Gene from last month. Some non-fiction takes me a bit longer to finish, but I'm enjoying both of them very much. I've also got a few books on my Nook that I'm reading, too. 

Here's my August book list:

I've had this romance sitting at home for months! A sequel is coming out this fall, so I best be reading this now. A historical romance about a woman who must convince a man of means to support the suffragette movement in England. 

A novel about a young woman living in a puritanical society who discovers she's got a bit of magic, and something in the woods is calling her...

A woman returns to her childhood home--an infamous haunted house chronicled in a tell-all book by her father. Weird things start to happen again; is it really haunted after all?

A thriller about a murdered bibliophile and the manuscript that may be at the center of her mysterious death. You can read the book two ways-straight through, or taking the cues on certain pages and reading it that way. Either way, I can't wait!

Dublin, 1918. The flu continues to kill, World War I still rages; and three women gather together on a maternity ward to care for patients and cope with a world that is full of trouble. 

A stylish plus-size blogger gets a chance to be the bachelorette on a national TV dating show. She's sure it's all a bunch of garbage; however, she's in for a few surprises. 

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm ready to start my August books. Can't wait to share my reviews with all of you throughout the month. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy reading! 

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