Sunday, October 25, 2020

No Offense by Meg Cabot


I took a break from reading my haunting reads this month for a sweet romance between a children's librarian and a sheriff. It was what I needed to kick off vacation week! It's a staycation, of course. But I've got things to do around the house, and a big stack of books to read all week. I'm excited for a much needed break, and a little bit of solitude. I'll be working really hard to not give into my desire for a key lime pie, thanks to this book! 

Molly Montgomery is the new children's librarian in Little Bridge Island, Florida. A pretty sweet tourist spot that is beautiful, surrounded by the ocean, and small town enough that everyone knows everyone's business. Molly loves her job, and one day finds an abandoned newborn in the women's bathroom. Not the usual librarian duties, for sure. The Sheriff arrives, and sparks fly immediately. John Hartwell is handsome and swoon worthy, even if he does clash a bit with Molly. Who's baby is this? Another case to solve for John, who is already trying to solve the case of the high school thief, who keeps breaking into homes. He's stymied by this case, and frustrated. John knows who is doing the breaking in, but can't catch him. 

Baby Aphrodite brings Molly and John together; as the case evolves, circumstances find them both at odds with each other. However, they are still falling for each other quickly, and their romance is sweet, hot, and quite believable. Book lovers will enjoy all of the book references-not only from Molly, but the Sheriff, too. The community of Little Bridge Island is full of characters that bring this little paradise to life. I hope Meg Cabot writes more about this community. 

I'll confess-I am pretty sure this is my first Meg Cabot book. I bought it because it was about a librarian, and took place in a small Florida community. An escape from a chilly October here in Iowa. It did the trick-took me away for a few hours, and was perfectly enjoyable and a quick read. Definitely a feel-good read!

Rating: 4/6 for a delightful romance between a librarian and a sheriff. Their clashes are brief but provide a good opportunity to highlight the importance of getting to know someone beyond the physical attraction, and working through those differences. Good chemistry, engaging characters, and a plot that keeps moving towards resolution. I'll be reading more Meg Cabot!

Available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audio. 

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