Monday, May 17, 2021

Maggie Finds Her Muse by Dee Ernst


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After reading We Begin at the End I had to reach for something a little lighter to bring me out of my reading funk (funk as in dwelling on a haunting read). I also had my second vaccine shot, and was feeling a bit ick on Saturday. Maggie Finds Her Muse was the perfect antidote for both. 

Maggie is a successful romance novelist who is having trouble finishing her third in a trilogy novel and her deadline is looming. She just can't seem to find the inspiration to get writing. When her agent Lee suggest she come to Paris with Lee and his partner, she jumps at the chance. Maggie's broken up with her live in boyfriend--after he confesses her career is just not important to him, but he's willing to continue living in her cool condo and have her pay all the bills. A successful man, he's quite simply a jerk when it comes to his relationship with Maggie. 

Maggie's on the cusp of breakout success, if she can finish this novel. A potential cable deal is in the works, too, and if that happens, she can finally write full-time and buy her dream beach house. 

Off to Paris, Maggie falls deeply in love with the famous city immediately. Staying in Lee's apartment with Solange, Lee's housekeeper, she's feeling energized. And who is that man she finds lounging in the bath? Why it's Solange's son, Max. A French banker, he's stopped by to visit his mother before flying off on business. 

Maggie's daughter is living in France, and to Maggie's surprise, her ex-husband Alan has also arrived in France on a post-retirement trip. What started as a work trip is slowly becoming more of a vacation. Maggie finds her muse in Max. He's one good looking man, and they get along perfectly well. Writer's block no more! Maggie is churning out pages of her manuscript, all driven by Max's presence. It's some of her best work, for sure. Maggie looks to finish her manuscript before the deadline!

Now if only she can keep her hands off Max...

This was such a fun novel. It was refreshing to read about a romance between two people in their late 40's--still looking for love, but knowing now just what they wanted. Of course their love story doesn't run smoothly--there are some obstacles in the way-but happily ever after always comes after a bit of work. 

Scenes around Paris are divine; food, of course, is amazing. Maggie is a very likable character, as are all of the characters. You'll fly through this novel with a smile on your face. Pack it into your beach tote. 

Rating: 4/6 for a delightful armchair trip to Paris featuring a woman who knows what she wants and won't compromise, a charmingly stinky dog, and one hot Frenchman. Sometimes love arrives when you least expect it! 

Available in paperback, audio, and ebook. 

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