Monday, December 13, 2010

What to do Next Year?

Just a reminder that there are only a few days left if you want to enter to win my giveaway! See the previous post for directions.

Besides that, I've been pondering what I'm going to do for next year.  My goal for reading books will probably be 110--I'd like to achieve more, but I think 125 may be stretching it a bit.  I am taking C-Joy's suggestion for a 100 Book Challenge into consideration, and must figure out the how and what of that fantastic idea.  

The last two weeks were our employee appreciation days at work.  We always get a great discount on books, music, and DVD's at our store, but twice a year the company tacks on an extra 10% to our regular discount.  So, my torment at work is ramped up a bit during those times, because I want to buy all the books I've been putting off for weeks.  I am proud of myself, though.  This year I didn't spend quite so much as I usually spend, conscious once again of my lack of space for more books at home.  My added bookcases from Ikea lasted about 9 months before I ran out of space.  And even though I have my Nookcolor, my employee discount was so much better than e-book prices that I just had to buy the hard copies.  

Next year I will endeavor to read more on my Nookcolor and take advantage of free reading opportunities.  I will still buy regular books, of course, but be more particular in what I put on my shelves.  

I'm going to put some thought into reorganizing my blog, too.  Somehow put tabs for my 2010 books, and sections for teen, adult, and non-fiction titles.  I think that will make it a bit easier for me and my followers to find stuff!  And I'll maybe add a section for upcoming new releases that I'm excited about.

My first goal of the new year is to spend January and February reading what I've got at home.  I'm making a list, and I will check off each title as I read it.  Perhaps a week's vacation in February will speed things along.  Nothing to do but read, take naps, and go for a bike ride or run at the gym.  Toss in a blizzard and coffee supplies,  and I'm a happy camper.

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  1. i have your same goals, read what i have at home in jan and feb... i know it will be hard, but i have been stockpiling!

    but it will still be hard...

    why not just add tags for your posts, thats easy to to find through your sidebar.