Thursday, April 7, 2011

365 Thank Yous

It's always good to read about someone who was completely down on his luck and through a simple act of gratitude turned his life around.  

John Kralik did just that.  John was a lawyer struggling to keep his firm together, going through a painful divorce, and completely tapped out financially.  Clients weren't paying their bills; he was struggling to make payroll for his employees, and felt like a complete loser living in a dingy apartment and sharing custody of his young daughter.

After hitting his lowest point, John decided he would start writing thank you notes to people who had given him Christmas presents.  These notes were not long, just a few sentences to tell them how much he appreciated the gift and what it meant to him.

This small act, along with the simple joys his daughter found spending time with him set him on a path to recreating his life with gratitude.  Now sometimes John had set backs, but he kept going.  He found inspiration in his friends with  their kind words and support when he felt down and ready to give up.  And those thank you notes he sent felt like an act of meditation to him, and kept him calm and focused on the positive aspects of his life.

Have you written a thank you note lately?  

Another great book to read is 29 Gifts by Cami Walker.  Cami decides to give a gift--usually something small but meaningful--for 29 days.  The effect on her life was, quite simply, magical.  This is another great book about reaching past your bad times and giving to someone else.  The act of giving--whether it's kind words, buying a cup of coffee for someone else, or even saying thank you--can uplift your spirits and start a positive change in your life.  

These books are my "gift" to you, my readers.  They are both very inspirational, and I hope you can take some time to read these stories about everyday people making amazing changes just by a simple act of kindness.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing these books. I was very interested to see if you liked 365 Thank Yous and I hadn't heard of the 29 Gifts. I think I'm going to read that one first. Thanks again.