Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Very Different Tales

I just finished both of these novels in the past few days, so I'm posting both reviews at once.  One is a teen retelling of a fairy tale; the other is a modern day mystery shrouded in the paranormal and set in Charleston.  Here are the reviews:

I have to say, this book took me a bit to get into the story. Rosalinda Fitzroy  wakes up after 62 years in a stasis slumber to find she's still 16, but the world has moved on, and a major plague outbreak and planetary near disaster has changed her world drastically. How did she end up slumbering for so long? Who put her there? And who has sent a freakish man/droid that will stop at nothing to terminate her? Rose's parents are long gone, but they left a legacy of power and money that will someday be Rose's responsibility. As she struggles to wake up from the physical effects of being in stasis for so long, she also struggles to find her way in a world where she is considered an oddity and has few friends. As her past is slowly revealed, Rose has to choose between being a passive participant in her life, or to waken fully from her sleep, and become the strong young woman she was meant to be. I liked this book, although it took quite awhile to get moving. Rose can be a bit frustrating at times, but there is hope. This can be a stand alone novel, but the ending leaves it wide open for a sequel. I would read the sequel just to see how Rose has grown after all the earth-shattering discoveries she makes in A Long, Long, Sleep. There is great potential for her to become a powerhouse as she learns to listen to herself, and stop believing she is the person her parents told her she was--weak, silly, and not able to stand on her own.

And the next one:

Posted 04/26/11: Amelia Grey is a graveyard restorer who lives in Charleston. She also can see ghosts, and has learned to isolate herself in order to protect herself against those spirits that would attach themselves to her light and literally suck her dry and drive her insane. Amelia's work in a graveyard soon involves her in a local murder, and John Devlin, a mysteriously brooding detective who is haunted by the spirits of his wife and young daughter. Amelia struggles to maintain her distance, but at the same time is drawn into Devlin's life as his dead wife (a nasty bit of lady) and young daughter soon start visiting her garden. What do they want? This book was great! The historical lore of Charleston and the study of cemeteries and tombstone symbols was just fascinating, and you can tell the author spent much time researching this overlooked part of our history. It makes you want to explore your local cemeteries and find out more about our culture and how we honor the dead. I especially enjoyed the tension between Amelia and Devlin. This romance will not be easy, as much stands in their way--he is part of a secret society, and she can see ghosts. Both have secrets to keep. Can't wait for the next one in this series!

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