Monday, July 1, 2019

July! In the Thick of Summer Reading

Going through the pile of books I want to read this month...well, I have to whittle it down. Darn it! I can certainly say if our weather continues to be super hot and super humid (the dew point was a balmy 77 today) I'll be spending a lot of time inside reading. A/C is definitely my friend. 

So, it looks like I'm traveling around the world this July in my reading choices. And actually, completely outside this world, too. Here's what's on my plate this month:

The first in the Discworld series from the master Terry Pratchett. My book group has picked Sci-fi/Fantasy as our theme for July. I bought it four years ago, so it's time to read it!

So many of my co-workers have read and loved this novel. I've had it in a pile for about 6 months. This was the push I needed to read it. I can't wait to read the story of Marsh Girl.

I mentioned this novel in my video last week. Food, family, and a San Francisco setting. OOOH I can't wait!

Oh Jenny Colgan. Thank you for writing a novel I can read this summer. Loch Ness, a bookstore, and friendship. What more could a reader want?

A publisher review. I started it and love the dual timeline. Easy to get sucked into this one! A granddaughter returns to the crumbling family estate to take care of her grandmother, who has a whole lot of family secrets waiting to be discovered. 

Another publisher review. A woman is given 3 months to live, so she chooses to finally be upfront and honest with the three people who have most effected her life (not for the better!) and the results are unexpected. Sounds grim, but actually uplifting and full of surprises. 

So there it is. I'm reading a few other books, too. I'm ready to settle in and read away the month of July. If only I could get up just a wee bit earlier to grab more reading time...

Happy July 4th! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends, and your perfect summer read. 

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  1. Hi. I think you'll enjoy The Color Of Magic. I've read almost all of the Discworld books now and they're all some of my favorites. I'm only holding off reading the last of them because then the series will be over. Have a good day.