Monday, September 30, 2019

October...Cooler Nights, Yes, But No Snow Yet Please!

Well, I failed getting all of my books read in September. I just couldn't dig in and pay attention long enough to read Their Eyes Were Watching God, so back on the shelf it goes. I will read it. It's become a personal goal for me. I started What We Talk About When We Talk About Books and became stuck pretty fast. I may return to it when it's in paperback. I did read Nora Robert's Blood Brothers, and liked it enough to want to read the two other books in the trilogy. I've read a few of her trilogies, and unfortunately they all seem very much alike, so unless she pulls something out of her hat, I may not read anymore. I'll finish this one, and review all three together soon. 

October was always the gateway to the fun part of the year for me as a child. Halloween, quickly followed by my birthday, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much candy, treats, and yes, birthday cake! I still love the last few months of the year, even if they are a bit frantic sometimes. October is also a great reading month, too. I get to snuggle down and relax at night. Here's what I'm reading this month:

I'm almost done with this novel--a contemporary quest to find King Arthur's actual resting place--and the treasure people will kill to obtain. Loving it! 

A widow is accused of witchcraft, and someone is playing tricks on the town with inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe's short stories. Eek! Gothic goodness. 

YA novel about a mysterious road in the woods that leads to...nothing good. Nope. Ghosts, thrills, and teen horror. 

An apocalyptic tale set off the coast of Ireland. A young teen has to leave the island to save her mother...will they survive what has killed humanity?

A collection of Agatha Christie's supernatural short stories, with a bonus story included. Perfect for Halloween! 

Of course, I'll have a few other titles to talk about. If you haven't like my Facebook page, please do--I put up videos where I blab on about what I've picked up at the bookstore and the library. 

Take care everyone! Let me know what you're reading this month! 

The Bookalicious Babe

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