Sunday, September 1, 2019

September Reads: Cool Nights, Lots of Coffee, and the Lure of Fall

It's unseasonably cool for August in Iowa. Freakishly cool. I wasn't in a frame of mind for the conveniences of summer to be over just yet-no coats, slip on sandals, and lots of fresh basil for the picking just outside my kitchen door. But this past week has really kicked in the Fall feels for me and I think everyone else  in Cedar Rapids. It doesn't hurt that college football started yesterday, too. 

As per my usual reading habits, I always love to dive into my creepy, spooky, thriller-ghosty stories as the nights get longer and Halloween approaches. I'm going to be good this season and not eat bags of Brach's pumpkins. It's going to be tough! I know Halloween is still 8 weeks away, but the thrill of it is the build up to it, so I'm starting now. 

My picks for September are a mix of library books (I've got to read them STAT!), new buys, and a few that I've had on my shelves at home:

It's been sitting on my bookcase for 4 years. Shame on me. Reading this for a September book group where banned or challenged books are our theme. 

Modern day magic in San Fransisco. I haven't read any reviews, so I'm not sure what to expect! Diving in with an open mind. 

I've had this sitting at home for months! Just moved a pile of books and found it. First in a trilogy by Nora Roberts. Magic, three brothers, and a terror in the woods. 

I'm not going to lie: this one may give me the major creeps! A serial killer who lures his victims outside with whispers. Yikes! Keeping the windows closed while reading this one. Getting lots of buzz. 

Non-fiction about unsolved murders and a man determined to solve them. 

Books aren't dead! In fact, they're thriving. Book lovers, we know this.

I've never read a Preston & Child novel, but this one--oh, heck yes. It involves the Donner Party! One of my obsessive historical mysteries. I can't wait to read this. It may lead to a whole lot of Preston & Child novels in my future.

I've got a few other titles on my list, so we'll see how far I get. This time of year, I like to be home at night, and make few social plans. The Great Fall 2019 Hunker Down and Read is beginning soon! 

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