Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Top Picks of 2010

I have read so many enjoyable books this year.  I look at my list, and I happily revisit each and every story.  It makes me look forward to 2011, and what I'll be reading all year.  Here's my list of favorite reads for 2010:

Best All Around Fiction Book:

Best Book Recommendation from a Co-worker:

Best Non-Fiction Book:

Best Kid's Book:

Best Teen Book:

Best New Author:

Best Book I Read That I Didn't Want to Read, But Ended Up Loving!

The Book I Predict Will Be A Huge Hit in 2011 (and it was fantastic!):

As you may have guessed, I tend to lean towards historical fiction; fiction that has an element of the supernatural, and historical non-fiction.  I also love to read books that have some element of food or cooking in them.  I cannot wait to read the latest novels from some of my favorite authors:  Sandra Dallas, Kate Mosse, Karen White, Sarah Addison Allen, Geraldine Brooks, and Donna Ball.  Oh, the months stretching ahead will be filled with so many wonderful tales, I will have no trouble reaching my book challenge of 110 books for 2011!  

Here's to a wonderful literary year gone by, and another coming up.  Whether you read books from a library, ebooks, used books, or brand spanking new books (my favorite kind), keep reading and share your favorites with others.  Yes, love makes the world go round, but reading keeps us sane.  


  1. i read half of your list, and i agree to the same enthusiasm for next years pile. i have been prebuying, i can't buy any new books for 3 months, i have to read what i have, so until dec 31st i have been shopping like mad!

    have you read the night counter, memory of running or tomato rhapsody, magic, quirky and food respectively, all great reads for me~

    waiting for your snow play to arrive :)

  2. I have not read those yet--I will put them on my list! Can't wait for my life to calm down in January so I can diving into my reading piles.