Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teen Ghost Story: Dark Souls by Paula Morris

There is nothing like a good ghost story!  Paula Morris has written a tale about Miranda, a young teenager who can see ghosts.  She travels to York, England with her brother Rob and her parents as a family getaway following a tragic car accident involving Rob and Miranda.  Rob has become painfully afraid of enclosed spaces after being trapped in a crushed car, while Miranda saw her friend's spirit walk away from the crash and disappear.  She has since kept the secret of seeing ghosts to herself, afraid others would think her odd.  

York is full of ghosts--from Roman soldiers, to victims of Elizabeth I's war against Catholics, to a night watchman continuing to do his duty every night .  Miranda sees and hears them all-and soon meets Nick, a mysterious young man who can see them, too.

What secret does Nick keep from Miranda?  Who is the ghost she sees every night in the attic across the street?  This is a teen read, and it's a fascinating mix of history, detective work, and the paranormal.  Loved it! 

The author also wrote Ruined, another great ghost story that takes place in New Orleans.

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