Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Book I Wish Existed When I Was A Kid: The Red Pyramid

What J.K. Rowling has done for the classic world of wizards and magic the English way, Rick Riordan has done for the world of mythology--both Greek and Egyptian.  

I think most people forget that every major culture has it's own set of Gods and Goddesses, and the myths to go with them.  I must admit to my Greek mythology phase during my early teens--found Edith Hamilton's book on mythology and was never the same since.  

Now Rick Riordan has taken one of my college interests--Egyptian history--and written a series for kids called The Kane Chronicles.  I've had this book on my shelf for over a year, and finally decided it was time to dig in and enjoy!

Loved it.  Just fantastic.  Rick Riordan is a rock star.  The Red Pyramid centers around Carter and Sadie Kane, two siblings who live apart.  Carter travels the world with his father, an archeologist, and Sadie lives in London with her grandparents.  She sees her father twice a year, and feels left out of his life.  What begins as a routine two day visit over Christmas quickly escalates into an action adventure novel pitting two young teens against the world of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, as they travel the world through magic portals trying to find a way to rescue their father from the evil God Set.  Set is determined to create a red pyramid in Phoenix that will absorb the power of all Gods and Goddesses and unleash Chaos across the world.  
Heady stuff for a couple of kids who are just realizing they have connections to Ancient Egypt that are going to change their lives forever.  

There is so much action in this novel, it keeps you glued to the pages.  I can see why kids are so obsessed with this book, and keep coming back for more.  It's a great story, chock full of history, myths, magic, and the dynamics of family.  It's like eating a delicious meal that blows your mind.

So I am a little late to the party, as the second book in the series is out:  The Throne of Fire.  I was a witness to eager kids gobbling up this book when it came out a few months ago.  If I had read this as a child, I can guarantee I would still remember it fondly as an adult.  It's definitely one of those books that will keep firm in your memory of all time favorite books!

If you are looking for good, quality storytelling for your kids, Rick Riordan has it.  He is the author of the Percy Jackson series, which behind Harry Potter is pretty much the most popular series for kids.  He may also spark a new interest in your kids for mythology and Egyptian history.  You may find yourself traveling to a history museum to check out the Egyptian exhibits.  

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