Thursday, March 29, 2012

Read Off The Shelves Challenge: How Did I Do?

I decided in January that I had purchased too many books and just popped them on my bookshelves "to be read later".  Sometimes that "later" became months, then years.  Eek. My challenge through March was to read as many books off my bookshelves as I could.  I then upped this challenge to putting $5.00 in my vacation fund for every one of those said books.  

How Did I Do??

Not too bad.  Could have done better.  I read 11 books off my bookshelves.  Since I have read 40 books this year, this is less than half of what I've read.  Dang it! What did I learn from this experience?

I still have too many books.

I must continue to work at those bookshelves.

I had some great reads sitting on my shelves.  So glad I finally got to them.  

I like tying reading into my vacation fund.  After all, that's what I like to do on vacation.  Read.

I've been reading so many wonderful book blogs, and many people are reading books that I have sitting on my shelves--ARCS that I've had for months!  So that's firing up my enthusiasm and keeping the fire burning.  

What's my next challenge?

Three more months of reading off the shelves:  goal is 24 books.

These are 24 books I already have; lordy me!  How will I manage to accomplish this task?  

Discipline.  And plugging my ears and singing to myself when someone tells me about a new book.  My goal for total book reading for April, May, and June is another 45 books.  And half of those must be what I've already got at home and on my Nook.  

I can do this.  Yes I can.  I'm off to add to the vacation fund.  


  1. your post could be mine, over 40 books read and i am not pulling from shelves but shopping and using the library... i think i am hoarding for when i can't afford to buy new books and the libraries have all burned to the ground, then i will loads of fab new stuff all free for the reading :)

    a vacation fun is a very cute idea too for you~

    i am just heading to the beach and packing NO books, its so hard, i must have 100 books there to read and a kindle with 150 books, but to not carry one with me out the door is killing me...

    1. I find I cannot go anywhere without a physical book in my hands--especially on vacation, and even with my Nook. I have to have a real book with me so I can read that when I get tired of reading ebooks.