Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 100 Year Old Man..... by Jonas Jonasson

Fun fun fun book.  I first noticed it on our new paperback table at work, and watched it disappear rather quickly each time we restocked it--so I had to check it out.  And then I had a customer come in  and specifically ask for it by name!  By that time I had bought the book, and started on it, so I quickly shared my thoughts with this customer, who ordered a copy and left happy.

What can I say about this delightful book?  It's the perfect novel to give for the holiday season to anyone you know--Mom, Dad, Grandparents, friends--men and women alike will enjoy this novel by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson.

Allan Karlsson is sitting in his room at a retirement home, awaiting his 100th birthday party.  He's sharp, mentally alert, and physically in great shape for his age.  

And he doesn't want to go to his party.  So he climbs out his window and begins his adventures across Sweden.  Those adventures include drug money, an elephant, a suitcase, a hot dog stand owner, and lots of vodka.  While Allan is off on his adventure, which keeps unfolding in quirky ways, we learn about Allan's life leading up to his 100th birthday.  And what a life it is!  Allan's rules are simple:  he doesn't take sides in politics or religion, and things will happen the way they are supposed to happen.  His rules will find him learning to make explosives at the age of 10; working for the US government as a spy, traveling through the Himalayas on a camel, meeting Einstein's not so smart half-brother, and sharing a mexican lunch (complete with tequila) with Vice-President Truman.  These are just a few of the many places and situations Allan finds himself in--moments of history that are incredible and unforgettable--and many that Allan unwittingly begins and ends by his actions and words.

So what happens?  I can't tell you.  Just trust me--read this book and have a few laugh out loud moments.  Allan is a very sweet, funny, and incredibly smart man who has lived a life that seems impossible to believe, but makes perfect sense.  Allan's that kind of guy.  

This is available in paperback and as an e-book.

Rating:  4/5.  Quirky characters, great historical moments, and made me laugh out loud.

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