Friday, March 29, 2013

The Fate of Mercy Alban by Wendy Webb-Gothic Spookiness!

I know I sometimes think Gothic only belongs in Victorian England.  But not this time-it also belongs on the shores of Lake Superior in a big old home belonging to the Alban family--in 2012.  

Gothic is one of my favorite genres.  I especially love it when an author brings it into today's world.  It is a reminder that things around us are still a mystery, and we, as humans, still don't know everything.  

Grace Alban returns to the family home after 20 years because her mother has suddenly died and she's the last family member--the last true Alban.  Her father and two brothers have been dead for years, and she must take over the home and take care of the people who are employed there--most specifically Jane, the housekeeper; her husband Mr. Jameson (the grounds keeper); and Carter, the chauffeur.  All have been with the family for decades, and consider the Alban family and the house their home.  

But it's a creepy home.  Mysterious passages, lots of rooms, and a third floor that Grace doesn't like at all.  Her teen daughter Amity is with her, and she's worried for Amity's safety.  Weird things are going on.  Like what, you may ask?  Whispers, break-ins, and creepy dreams.  Toss in a reporter that was going to meet Adele, Grace's mom on the day of her death, and the layers get deeper.  What are the family secrets that are haunting the house?  What happened during the summer solstice party of 1956 that resulted in a suicide and the disappearance of Fate Alban, Grace's Aunt?  Grace  has to dig, dig, dig.  And she's got the help of the local Reverend, Matthew Parker.  He's a great addition to the mix as the steady, logical rock Grace turns to whenever something bizarre happens.  

Ghosts, witchcraft, family secrets, money and power, and pure evil run through this book.  I certainly enjoyed it!  A fun read and sure to keep you turning the pages.  And you just have to keep reading to find out who the heck Mercy Alban is--you'll be fascinated by the story this author weaves.  

Rating:  7/10 for atmosphere, setting, story

This book is available in paperback and as an e-book.

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