Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prototype by M.D. Waters

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I was eager to begin reading this sequel to the fantastic Archetype,  which I reviewed earlier this year.  But you know how after reading an incredible book (I'm talking about The Book of Life) you feel a bit empty inside and nothing appeals to you?  Well, I felt a bit like that last week.  But I pulled myself out of my reading funk and I am so glad I did with this latest thriller by M.D Waters.

Prototype returns to the world of Emma Wade, a clone on the run from two worlds:  that of the resistance she worked for, and that of Delcan Burke, the man who will move heaven and earth to reclaim Emma as his wife.  The resistance is where Emma met and fell in love with Noah, but her capture by Declan's world meant a completely different life; one where she was to be the perfect wife and produce children in a world where so many women are infertile it has divided the country into two factions and created an industry devoted to cloning women.  Clones are fertile and will produce children and boost a dangerously declining population.  Women in the Eastern United States are seen as objects to own.  Emma, however, had managed to escape this situation as a youth, and ended up as a kick-ass resistance fighter in the Western United States.  Until she fell in to the hands of Declan Burke.  

Archetype was especially good because you didn't know anything more than Emma did, as she slowly realizes her life is not her own, and memories from the real Emma intrude into her dreams.  Archetype ends with a bang and I couldn't wait to see what happened to Emma in Prototype.   I wasn't disappointed!

Emma finds herself on the run, unable to hide from Declan.  He's taken to the airwaves to call for the return of Emma at any cost.  She's hunted by the entire world and has no recourse but to return to the resistance, where she will be safely hidden.  Her feelings for Noah are still incredibly strong--and now there's another person to care about.  What will she do?  Will she stay with the resistance and fight to expose Declan's unethical cloning practices?  Does she have a chance to reclaim her love with Noah?  And what is happening to the "successful" clones besides Emma?  Lots of action in this one, some seriously intense moments between Emma and Noah, and truly a race to the end.  

I completely enjoyed this ride.  It's well written; Emma's torment between what she longs for and what she needs to do is very evident and you can't help but feel for this poor woman--she doesn't belong anywhere.  I would certainly recommend both Archetype and its equally enjoyable conclusion, Prototype.  They do take place in the near future but the technology isn't so far-fetched that you can't imagine it taking place in the next 50 years.  Take a chance on something different and read these books.  Trust me.  You'll enjoy them.  

Rating:  8/10 for another thrilling ride into the future with issues  about the morality of cloning and how to treat a clone--as a human, or a non-human with no rights?  Emma is an incredibly strong female character who grows in confidence and strength through both novels.  

Available this week in the United States in hardcover, e-book, and audio.

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