Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Reads: Books that Scared Me Silly

Well I didn't get through my whole list of Halloween reads, but I made a good dent.  My posts got me thinking about other books I've read over the years that creeped me out and left a lasting impression on me.  I can say each of the books I've listed below still resonate in my memory and send shivers down my spine.  What spooky books have you read and loved?

A serial killer travels through time in Chicago.  Seriously had me checking the locks on my doors and windows.  An excellent read!

I read this during my teen "Stephen King" years and  was completely scared out of my mind.  One of the first books I read where bad things happen to good people. 

A pilot is haunted by passengers who died during a plane crash.  Will they drive him to do the unthinkable?
This teen novel about zombies taking over the world is the first in a series.  Very well done --you'll read it  and be on the edge of your seat.  

I read this non-fiction book over 15 years ago and, along with my friends,  had the bejesus scared out of me!


  1. I think of myself as an intrepid reader but when it comes to horror and scary, I am a wimp. I might give The Shining Girls a try. One of the scary books I have enjoyed is The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. Also the movie made from it a few years ago was great!

  2. The Shining Girls is really a good story; the thought of a serial murderer jumping through time is pretty frightening! I did love The Woman in Black movie. Susan Hill can write a great gothic tale!