Sunday, November 29, 2015

You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship by The Satellite Sisters

Sometimes I have to take a break from my usual reads and pick up something fun and full of girl power.  You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship is one of those books and was a sweet surprise for me.  

It's a small gift book, perfect for gift-giving to your wine  book club friends, sisters, women you lunch with, and those ladies we all have in our lives that keep us sane.  The Satellite Sisters was created by the five Dolan Sisters who have had a radio show on NPR and ABC Radio.  Now they have a blog and a podcast, along with books.  They are pretty gifted sisters, and each contributes to this book with some funny and sweet snippets of wisdom.  From essays that discuss dating tips from your satellite sisters, to staying friends with your actual  sisters (**big idea: be a grownup sister, not the childhood sister), to navigating the waters of being the only one in your group that doesn't have children, and won't ever have grandchildren (more time for travel and adventure!), this is a gift book that covers everything funny, sad, and wonderful that makes up life.  Your satellite sister is the one who will buy you a pint of ice cream, cry with you, then kick you in the tushy when you need a shove.  They are there for you no matter what.  

Some women have a lot of satellite sisters, some of us just have a few.  It doesn't really matter; what matters is that we all have them, and they are a precious and wonderful part of life.  

Rating:  6/10 for a lovely little gift book that has a bit of something for every woman in your life.  This may very well spur you into getting together with your Satellite Sisters!  

Available in hardcover and e-book.  

Thank you to Prospect Park Books for a review copy!

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