Thursday, March 10, 2016

DNF: Here's a Few from February!

I was surprised at the number of people who read my post on DNF's and why I don't feel a lick of guilt setting a book aside to read something else.  I'm certainly not the only one who does this.  Right now I have so many books to read under a deadline that the DNF pull is getting way too tempting.  I'm resisting and forging ahead on the books that I want to read and review. Some I would push to the back of the pile if I had all the time in the world to read them.  I simply have too many choices and it's making me crazy and unable to settle down with my usual rotation of 3-4 books.  The life of a book lover and blogger is tough sometimes.  Boo hoo.  

 I promised to start a new feature talking about the DNF's I have each month.  Here are a few from February that I planned on reading, started, and just couldn't complete:

 I love M.J. Rose.  I've read many of her books, and enjoyed her mix of history and magic.  I didn't get a chance to read this book when it first came out, so I thought now would be the time.  I was wrong.  I got about 50 pages in, and just couldn't latch onto the story.  I will return to this book in the future and read it.  But for now, it is a DNF.  

This novel had me alternately enjoying it and being puzzled by it.  I was ready to give up by page 50, but kept plugging away until 150 pages, and I was enjoying it.  Then I read the end, was pissed at what happened, and lost all desire to finish it.  With that being said, I was hoping for a humorous book, and it wasn't humorous enough for me to stick with it. 

 I saw the movie Life of Pi, and loved it.  The premise of this novel intrigued me; I was ready for a mystical Paulo Coelho type book (and this was a new release!).  I made it to about 100 pages, and gave up.  Couldn't hold my interest at all.  Bummed.  

So there you have it.  I'm pretty sure there were more DNF's in February, but these three stood out for me in the DNF ring.  

Now I'm off to conquer my required reading stack.  



  1. I read witch of painted sorrows- It definitely picks up and gets REALLY good

  2. I was looking forward to The High Mountains of Portugal. Though I don't know when I will get to it.