Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September TBR List, and a Fail from August

Well nuts!  I thought it was a sure thing that I would get through all of my TBR list for August.  But, I didn't get to finish Smoke by Dan Vyleta.  It will go back into the mix for a hopeful finish before the end of the year.  Carving out those opportunities to really sink into a good book are becoming hard to find lately.  Life is so darn busy that now, when I need to read and relax more often, I'm not getting to it.  So I'm resetting for September, which I'm pretty sure will be a busy month as well.  

September's TBR list is a mix of books to review for publishers and books that have been recommended to me by friends.  I'm also thinking of taking a short trip into some quick reads that I absolutely loved in my childhood and are due for a post about childhood favorite reads.  I will be taking a nice, long (but busy) vacation in October, so I may set the way back machine and bring back reviews I posted from years past.  I've read so many wonderful books it will be hard to choose what to re-post!

Without further ado, here's what I've got on tap to read and review in September:

A teen novel that turns the story of Jane Grey into one crazy ride

The sequel to Girl Waits With Gun

The buzz is incredible! 

Takes place in small town Iowa with a family tragedy that isn't all that it seems

A fictional account of Einstein's wife

Recommended by a friend--magical realism!    

 Well, I've got rather a bit much on my plate.  Not really a surprise, now is it?  I'm excited to dive into each one.  Stay tuned for reviews!


  1. Interesting mix! I read SMOKE this month, and I'm not sure you're really missing out on anything there.