Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's That Time Of Year: Witches and Romance. I Know. It Sounds Odd.

It doesn't look like a romance, but it is--and it leaves you wondering just which fine handsome man she'll end up with by the end of this series!

Would Be Witch is the first in a trilogy (there may be more after that) by Kimberly Frost.  Tammy Jo Trask lives in the small town of Duvall, Texas with her Aunt and Mom.  She also has a family ancestor, Edie, who lives in a locket.  Edie is a 1920's stunner, and a powerful witch even in death.  She's always around to give Tammy Jo some advice.

Tammy Jo is the only one in her family that doesn't have the special witchy powers that run through each generation.  She does, however, have a spectacular talent for making baked goods.  If you're on a diet, please ignore the references to cupcakes, torte, and cream cheese frosting that are sprinkled throughout the novel.

Tammy Jo is divorced from her childhood sweetheart, a local deputy (and serious hot guy) Zach.  They still have 'sleepovers' and act like a couple, but they are in fact divorced--thanks to Zach's ability to make Tammy Jo feel ignored in their short-lived marriage.  It's clear they still love each other, but right now the relationship is still up in the air.
There's also the gorgeous Bryn Lyons--a rich man who moved to Duvall as a teen and has always intrigued Tammy Jo.  But her family has told her there are witch rules, and one of them is that she is strictly forbidden to mess with the Lyon family.  Ever.  She doesn't know why, but figures the rule is in place for a good reason.

Bryn, however, is a powerful wizard in his own right, and the attraction he's always had for Tammy Jo is pretty hot.  Living in Duvall together makes the sparks fly, jealousy run rampant, and attracts all sorts of supernatural creatures.  Werewolves are out to kill Tammy Jo, and she's clueless.  And whether she understands or not, she really is a witch and must be apprenticed to someone before she does something really stupid.

Tammy Jo is under the gun to solve a few robberies in town, escape from werewolves, and most importantly--find the locket containing Edie.  If she doesn't, Edie will be tormented forever.

There is a lot going on in this novel--two gorgeous men vying for her attention--and she's got the hots for both of them.  Who's behind the robberies?  And just what does Tammy Jo's attempts at magic attract to Duvall?

It's  a fun beginning to a trilogy.  There's enough humor in the novel to keep you flipping the pages, and the scenes between Tammy Jo and Bryn sizzle.  But then you like Zach, and you're torn.  I don't know how Tammy Jo will decide!

The next novel comes out in December, followed by the third in March 2014:

There's plenty of hot romance, with the potential for much more in the next two novels.  I would say fans of Charlaine Harris will enjoy this new heroine--she's funny, feisty, and slightly clueless.

Rating:  7/10 for a twist on the typical romance.

Available in paperback and e-book.

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  1. Great review! I wanted to start reading the book right away!