Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Bookalicious Babe's Upcoming Reads for January, 2017 (Is it really 2017?!)

The new year always gets me revved up to read.  A whole year ahead for me to discover, explore, and digest the books that make their way into my world.  I'm hoping to bounce back into my reading groove and have challenged myself to read 100 books this year.  I know people have read 150, 200, 225 in a year;  that's a pretty lofty goal for me, even reading 3 or 4 at a time.  Life sometimes keeps me from reading as much as I'd like, and keeping my blog does take up some time each week.  So far there are no weddings planned for 2017, no big trips to take, nothing on the horizon to interrupt the flow of my reading mojo.  I am hoping to retrain myself to sit still long enough to read large chunks at a time.  I'm certain I can easily meet my goal of 100 books, and hope to exceed my expectations!

Too many years of having too much to do has left me with a habit of only reading 20 or so pages at a time, then feeling the urge to get up and do something else, then sit down again.  And of course reading at night just makes me sleepy.  With better healthy habits and regular exercise I will have the energy to get more done during the day and have plenty of reading time each week.  It's important for me to give reading a prominent place in my weekly activities; after all it is the thing that calms me down, de-stresses me, and fires up my imagination.  

Here's my planned reading list for January.  It's a mix that seems a perfect introduction to 2017.  Do you set reading goals for yourself each year? 

Hawaiians diagnosed with leprosy are forced to live in isolation.

A collection of stories about the inhabitants of a small English village.
The latest from Shusterman about teens who must play the role of Death.
Victorian England and spiritualism.

Non-fiction about an American in Paris and her quest for kale.
A romance that takes place in Italy.  Yes!


  1. Thanks for sharing your list. I make lists and goals every year and every month but I have learned I must leave room for sudden surprises and changes of mind. I love this sentence you wrote: "after all it is the thing that calms me down, de-stresses me, and fires up my imagination." Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, I had new books pop into my view the day after I posted this entry. Darn it! I always try to leave room for the unexpected...