Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Reads: Where Most of the Books I Read are from the Library

Somehow I've let my reading list from the library become completely unglued and out of control.  In my quest to cut down on buying every book I want to read, and supporting the fabulous library system in my community, I've added a large number of books to my "Hold" list.  Only problem is, they all come in at once.  So I've taken advantage of my library's option of suspending some of my holds until I can read what I've got already checked out.  This is keeping me out of the bookstore for a little bit, and keeping me from spending money for a few weeks.  All good!

Here's a taste of what I'll be reading in May.  Of course I have a few that I won't list, but should pop up as reviews.  It looks like I've picked a bit of historical fiction, with sprinkles of contemporary here and there:

Listening to this on my commute.  Ah, the food!

Don't let the title fool you:  this is a bit of a thriller!

Three women cope with a changed Germany after World War 2.

So excited to review this!  A favorite author of mine.

1645 England and a woman caught between her witch hunting brother and a local family in the cross-hairs.
 I love starting off a fresh month with new picks.  Here's to Spring reads and warmer weather. 

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