Friday, October 19, 2018

Pale as Death: A Krewe of Hunters Novel by Heather Graham

I've been reading Heather Graham since I was a teen. First her historical romances; now I try to read every Krewe of Hunters novel that comes out. There are usually a few a year and I've got two on my bookcase that I still need to read. They, along with Pale as Death, are a mini-arc in the series; three brothers join the Krewe and get involved in ghostly happenings. And find love, naturally. 

I've read a lot of series, but most of the time they jump the shark (see: the Happy Days episode where Fonzie actually jumps the shark--and so does the show)and I stop reading them before I get to the end. I didn't even finish the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I had been reading it since the beginning, when they were cheap paperbacks and Charlaine Harris' name was in tiny print at the bottom of the cover. 

But for some reason, I keep reading the Krewe of Hunters novels. Part of the charm is the ghosty element. As you all know, I'm a HUGE fan of anything paranormal, and I do love a good paranormal romance. Another part of the charm of this series is that each novel centers around new characters, with a sprinkling of some returning characters--specifically, Jackson Crow, the head of the Krewe, a "secret" FBI unit that investigates crimes with a paranormal twist. Everyone on the Krewe can see the dead, and they solve murders and mysteries that otherwise would remain cold cases. 

In Pale as Death, someone is killing young actresses, and recreating the Black Dahlia murder. Gruesome, indeed. Every detail is replicated; even the young victims resemble Elizabeth Short, the original Black Dahlia. LAPD investigative cop Sophie Manning has been assigned the case, and Bruce McFadden, a private investigator, is sent out to LA by Sophie's friend (and Bruce's soon to be sis-in-law) to help her on the case. Of course they clash, and of course they are wildly attracted to each other. The formula for these novels is pretty predictable. 

So who is committing these horrible deeds? Could it be someone in the LAPD? Someone close to Sophie? How can Michael, the spirit of an investigative reporter murdered during the original Black Dahlia case help Sophie and Bruce? 

I have to say. I know how these novels go, and I still enjoy reading them. They're like popcorn for me. If you're interested in reading from the beginning, where Jackson Crow first enters the scene, here's a link from Goodreads on the list of titles, in order: https://www.goodreads.com/series/57401-krewe-of-hunters.

I'll be reading the other two novels with Bruce's brothers: Brodie and Bryan. Can't wait to tuck in--this series is pure escape for me. 

Rating:  3/6 for a look at the Black Dahlia unsolved case, Old Hollywood, and of course, a romance. 

Available in paperback and ebook. 

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