Sunday, April 28, 2019

May Reads: Making Time to Read When I Really Should be Mowing the Yard

One positive about winter is that I don't have any yard work to do for months. Now that Spring has sprung, my yard is looking pretty ragged, and is going to require some time to fertilize, pull weeds, plant bulbs, and add grass in spots that used to be garden spaces. The days of spending all afternoon outside puttering in my yard are, sadly, gone. Now it's all about cultivating a few lovely spaces that don't take an enormous amount of time for upkeep. And most importantly, spaces I can view from my deck. 

And the deck, well, that's my summer reading spot. I can't wait to pull out my pillows, umbrella, comfy chairs, and put some tropical foliage around to create my perfect place of peaceful reading. 

My April reads were slightly better than my March choices, and I know May will be even better. I'm way behind in my reading goal, and that's all down to what I'm reading, and how much time I have to read. Too many nights I've come home from work and just sat on my couch, zoned out. Fresh air, warmer days, and that energy Spring brings will help me focus on reading more. 

Here's the mix of some of the reads I have planned for May:

 The first in a series about a Native American woman who hunts monsters in a post-apocalyptic America. Reading for a May book group. 

 Currently half-way through this meticulously researched book about the five women who were the victims of Jack the Ripper. The author focuses on their lives-who they were, where they came from, and the circumstances that brought them to Whitechapel. Fascinating and long overdue.

 Just ordered this from B&N! A novel about a woman who rode horses to deliver library books in Appalachia. Can't wait to read this. 

Received this from the publisher to review. A woman claims her children have been switched with "somethings" that aren't right. No one believes her. A novel about changelings. Eek!

Reading this for another book group. I've been warned there's lots of hot sex, but so far I'm finding this to be a romance that is a step above the usual hot and heavy modern love stories. So far, so good. 

I'm already deep into two of these titles, so I hope that leaves me with a little wiggle room to read more in May. I'll be posting my most anticipated summer releases in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. That first book sounds like one I would like, hunting monsters in a post apocalyptic America. It would be a nice change up from my reading of memoirs, mystery series, Anthony Trollope, etc.