Thursday, August 1, 2019

And Just Like That, It's August

Wow. Summer is flying by. Everyone is either taking vacation or getting back from one, but my vacation is nowhere to be found! I'd love to be anywhere beachy, tropical, and sun-kissed right now, but since that's not in the cards this year, I'm making do with a chilled drink and sitting under my big umbrella on my deck. And of course, books are on hand to take me far, far away, at least for a little while. 

I've got oodles of books this month. So many I can't possibly read, darn it. But I'm going to give it all I have to zip through them. Library books that have to be read, and a few new favorites I've been waiting for, and now simply must dive into--I'll see you on the other side of August when I come up for air! 

San Francisco, 1906. A young woman navigates the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that leveled the city. 

Jazz Age Mexico, Gods, and adventure. 

New York, 1965. Cosmopolitan Magazine, and experience of a young woman living and learning in the big city.

A woman decides to give life and love another chance. 

Small town Alabama, blackbirds, magic pie, and a family legacy. 

A descendant of magical women, a professor races to save her boyfriend.

The power of books to cure any ill.  Can't wait!!

A woman discovers she has a rather large family--and they are interrupting her reading time! 

A favorite author has a recent release. Another novel that features a classic New York landmark. 

WW 2 from one of my favorite authors 

An American Princess? Yep. Life with an American Royal family. 

Oh, I know it's a lot for me to read in August. If I had a few weeks off, heck I'd be in heaven! Stay tuned for reviews; I've got to get busy reading. 😍

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