Friday, November 1, 2019

November...Wait! How Did We Get Here So Fast?!

I don't know about the rest of you, but here in Iowa we got about 4 inches of snow last night (Halloween Eve) and the kiddies are out and about tonight in temperatures that are dipping into the 20's. Yikes! Not the Halloween folks around here were hoping for--usually it's fairly moderate and lovely. We're prepared for snow and cold, just not in October. More like December. 

So, not only are my fellow Iowans confused, annoyed, and just plain ticked off, but oh golly, the poor trees! Still fully loaded with leaves, and I don't think we're going to get much of a chance to rake 'em up as they fall. Usually, I think you'll agree, we've got a little time to ease into thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I think it's safe to say we're all a bit perplexed as to how we should actually be feeling. I'm not ready to even think about turkey, gifts, or decorating. Nope. Not yet. 

I am, however, putting my December reading list together. I love, love, love to read holiday novels in December. It's my month of unapologetic fun reads. I've got a stack sitting out, and I was tempted to start, but this snow has killed it for me. I'm content to wait another month before I start. Definitely not ready for holiday reads just yet. 

So, November. What am I going to read? I've got a few novels that I've started in October, and hope to finish in November. And a few that I bought a few months ago and haven't managed to jump into just yet. Here's what's up for November:

 So I've got to read this novel so I can read the holiday themed novel that comes after it! I liked the first in the series--The Library at the End of the World. Ah, Ireland. Take me away. 

Oh, this one will stretch my comfort zone. A serial killer stalks his young victims at an amusement park in 1915 Chicago. Yikes! Getting rave reviews. 

Victorian gothic novel about a young widow who returns to New York to restore a dilapidated mansion, and uncovers a whole lot of secrets. 

I've started this, but haven't gotten very far. A young woman discovers doors into other worlds and goes on a grand adventure. Another novel getting rave reviews. 

I'm also reading Alice Hoffman's The World That We Knew. It's pretty wonderful, as Alice Hoffman's novels always are for me. I have to take it in bites, because it takes place during World War 2 in France, and I have a difficult time reading World War 2 novels. Hard on my soul, I guess.

I'm also going to attempt NaNoWriMo this month! That will cut into my reading time, but I'm hoping it will fire up my very rusty and dusty creative bone. I'll keep you posted on my progress! Honestly, my story idea is very thin, so I'm just going to sit down and start typing November 1st and see how it goes. 

So long, October! November...well, I can't believe you're here. Wasn't it just summer a little bit ago? 

Happy Reading!  
The Bookalicious Babe


  1. It's nowhere near as cold here (Florida panhandle) as it is where you are, but the cold still brought us inside. It was 52 degrees and falling, with heavy wind, and it kind of took us by surprise and we weren't really prepared for it. My daughter and her friends last 5 houses -- then we went to an indoor event instead. I think if it hadn't been so windy it would have been okay but wow.

    Curious Toys sounds intense! Hope you enjoy it!

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