Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Note From the Bookalicious Babe

Hi all. It's bizarre out there, isn't it? I wasn't too nervous up until yesterday, when I realized I had spent all Friday night tossing and turning, thinking about this virus and realizing it is a really big deal. And thinking about all the folks I know who are elderly, who have compromised health. How easy it is to spread something even when you don't have any symptoms and feel fine. How many people I come into contact with every day. How many things I touch, that other people touch. I'm not a super social person, but I do like to socialize, and that's usually in a bar, a bookstore, or a restaurant. 

I am fine, by the way. But I've been struggling to read the books I chose to read and review this month, and I decided today that I just wasn't going to do that anymore. I'm going to read some other books; books I've wanted to read but are way down on my list; fun books that lift me up a bit. Books to take my mind off of the current status of the world. 

So I'm putting this month's books on hold for now, and you'll see some other books reviewed. Not sure what yet, but I've thankfully got a lot to choose from here at my home. 

Take care, stay safe, and stay home. Please don't stockpile good that others need and are currently hard to get. Stay informed, but please make sure you're informed from a reputable news source. There is no social event that can't wait until the world is a healthier place. 

Take care-

The Bookalicious Babe


  1. I am staying home, at my age that is recommended. Lots of time to read books that entertain me, as you said you are finding some upbeat books to read. Church was online streaming only, the first time that has happened at that church. I liked the experience, you could see who is listening and make friendly comments.

  2. Yes, it's scary and bizarre out there! I've been stressed and anxious about the COVID 19 news myself.

    Like you, I'm also reading books that will help me take my mind off current events. I am also healthy/well and staying home at this time. I'm only taking walks around my neighborhood or grabbing my mail.

    I've stayed away from grocery stores, drug stores, banks, gas stations, doctor offices, post offices, movie theaters, retail outlets, etc. the past 2-3 weeks. Instead, I've opted to order food and supplies to be delivered to my home verses going out for them. My husband still works and thank goodness he has remained healthy.

    Take care and stay healthy!!

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