Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We've Made It To July! And Cleaning Out My Bookcases: A Tale of Powering Through an Overwhelming Task

June came and went like so quickly I'm still thinking it's just mid-June. I had to keep reminding myself today was July 1st. Wow. Pandemic has taken away my sense of time, seasons, and I usually can't remember what day it is on any given day. Every day feels like rinse and repeat. 

I spent a few days in June cleaning out my three bookcases and my stacks of books that took up space in my living room, my bedroom, my spare room, and my dining room. I just had to do it. Of course I made a bigger mess and at one point was tempted to just lock my door and drive away to escape, but I stuck it out and after a few days I had pulled through the project. I gave so many bags of books to family--I gave my whole collection of true ghost story books to my niece and my sister; a boxed set of Harry Potter books--the whole series in hardcover (still wrapped in shrink wrap!) to my niece (she is one of the biggest HP fans I know), and lots of books to other family members. Goodwill was sick of seeing me come with a trunk full of books to donate. I've still got a few bags of books to send out into the world, but when all was said and done, I feel good about it. 

I'll confess, I had a mini-meltdown as we pulled away from Goodwill. Luckily I wasn't driving, and I told my boyfriend I just needed a few minutes to grieve and then I'd be okay. And I was. 

The great thing about cleaning out my bookcases is that I discovered some books I really want to read! They were hidden, and now I see them--I guess they just had to be patient for me to find them again. Today I stopped at B&N and bought a book. It felt weird to only buy one book. I usually have 3-4 in my hands. But I wasn't tempted with more than the one I bought. So...as I read the books on my shelves, I will continue to weed my collection. Only books or series that I really cherish get to stay. 

Anyhow, I'm still working on a lot of the books I talked about in my summer reading video on my FB page @bookaliciousbabe. But I've also picked out a few more from the shelves that I am lining up for July:

I've had this on my bookshelves for a few years. A look at race and the history of cooking in the Old South. I've always been fascinated by culinary historians and expect this book to be one of my favorites this year. 

Another book I bought last year and lost it on my overstuffed bookcase. A woman struggles to come to terms with her mother's colorful past in a small town. Jojo Moyes' historical fiction is just as good as her contemporary novels. 

I'm reading this one now, and let me tell you--it.is.weird. So weird! Gothic with a capital G! 1950's Mexico, a rundown estate, and some really odd people. 

True story: my boyfriend, who does not read at all actually told me about this book. He heard the author talking on the radio yesterday and gave me enough information that I could find the book. And heck, the book was just released on Tuesday, and I ran to B&N after work today to purchase it. It's about an amusement park in New Jersey and, as the back cover says "In the 1980's, people didn't just visit Action park. They survived it." Written by the park owner's son, this wild tale of the amusement park with the nickname "Traction Park" is sure to be a wild and crazy ride. I can't wait to read it! 

I've got a few other books I'm working on from June. Trying to ride the wave of actually getting through my stacks and not giving in to my need to play solitaire on my phone for hours at a time (I may have done this last night). 

Happy July reading everyone! 

The Bookalicious Babe

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