Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Reads: So Hard to Choose, So I Picked Too Many!

 I'm always happy at the end of the month, because I get to craft my next month's reading list. It's usually swirling around in my head for at least a week before, but when I sit down to write my blog post, something always pops in that I forgot about. 

May is going to be such a busy month I am pretty sure it will go by in a blink. Graduation parties (two nephews graduating high school), yard work, lots going on at my job. And I've been super slow in Spring cleaning and organizing. Even my gym has a packed schedule for May and I daresay a few of the upcoming big workouts we do in May will probably leave me hobbling around like a fool. I'm also getting my second vaccine shot, so I had to work that in between some things I absolutely have to do--just in case I have any of the 24 hour blahs people have been talking about. Fingers crossed I get through it with no side effects. 

My reading list is once again ambitious and it's simply because I can't decide what can wait until June. So we'll see how much I can get done. I hope all of them, because I want to dig into every book right now and all at once. 

Here's my list for May:

May promises to be an eventful month, and these books promise to be some great reading! You can click on the blurbs under the cover art of each book to order through Amazon. Happy May everyone! 

The Bookalicious Babe

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