Thursday, July 1, 2021

July is Starting Off With a Bang! Summer Reads Continued...

 I don't know about all of you, but I'm finding the re-entry into society to be a bit exhausting. While I'm enjoying seeing people again, I realize I got used to my very small circle of peeps, and just going home from work most nights. I'm squeezing my reading in here and there (lunch is always a good time to read) and making a dent in my stack at home. When I check a "quick-pick" out from the library it makes me either read it right away or take it back. Quick-picks are books that only check out for ten days instead of the usual twenty-one and you can't renew them. So you either read it quickly or not. It's a way to get books into people's hands when other copies may have a long hold list. 

July is already here and I've got family over this weekend for July 4th. That means a lot of yard and house tidying up! I'm happy to say I've taken July 5th off of work so I can recover from a weekend full of people and places. 

Here's what I'm reading in July- you guessed it, I'm firmly in summer fun reading mode:

Summer in Italy. What's not to love?

Reading this on my Nook. A woman ditches her bad marriage and stays in a small town in France to start her life all over. Can she make a new family out of strangers?

I've been intrigued by this memoir and watched a story about the author on a Sunday morning news show. A young woman mourns her mother in a most unusual place. 

Historical novel about a young black woman who passes as white in 1905 New York City. She becomes the personal librarian of JP Morgan.

I discovered Jennifer Weiner last summer and couldn't resist this tale of two strangers brought together by a mistaken email. Seems life isn't so random after all. 

A young black woman thinks a new employee is going to be her ally, but oh, she's wrong...a look at the white world of publishing houses.

Happy July! Watch for reviews coming soon.

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