Saturday, February 26, 2022

Looking Back and Moving Forward

 I've been writing this blog since March of 2010. I'm closing in on twelve years, which is unbelievable. I started this blog because I enjoyed talking about books to people and I felt the need to widen my scope--talking to book lovers as a bookseller was great, but just not enough. I wanted to share my thoughts and excitement with more people.

I've had some high reading years and months, and really low reading years and months. One thing I've noticed in the past year is my energy to keep going with my blog has been really slowing down. When I say I'm tired it's just an all around tired in body and mind. Trying to keep up with my reading and always thinking about blogging is just tiring. Life has changed a bit recently, and I find it a struggle to read like I used to--which was pretty much anywhere, anytime. 

I love to read. It has sustained me all of my life, and kept me company through many tough situations and much grief. Feeling stressed? Grab a fun, lighthearted book and read my cares away.  It's a chill autumn night--best time to read a thrilling, spooky novel. Christmas is around the corner, and I can't wait to read new holiday books. Going on vacation? Which 6 books will I take? Connecting with friends over books? Wonderful! Having a library patron (or in my past life as a bookseller-a customer) tell me how much they enjoyed the book I recommended. Giving book club members ideas for future discussions. Giving book talks to groups. Heck, I even presented at a women's conference two years running. I did it all. 

I still get a thrill when I see a favorite author's latest book, and nothing makes me happier than being in a bookstore. Libraries also hold a special place in my heart. I love to see what people are reading and introduce them to new authors, genres, and nonfiction. 

I've enjoyed it all, and did it all on my own time and have not made one penny on my blog. It's a part time job that I do simply because I enjoy it. However, life brings changes, and I need to spend time building a life with my partner. We have plans to bring to fruition and can't wait to get started. He's always championed my blog and my reading passion and now it's time for something we will work on together. 

I'm going to take a break; see what life is like without blogging. Enjoy reading without feeling pressure to keep providing weekly content. 

I will still post reviews, but I'm slowing way down. I'm going to try some Tiktok videos, which are fun and fast. I'll link them to my Instagram.

If you're interested in following me on Instagram, my handle is:


My TikTok (which just has a few videos) is @luv2read66. 

I'm new to TikTok and still learning how to create videos but the few I've done have been fun to create. 

I'm on Goodreads under Sue Gerth (The Bookalicious Babe). Friend me! 

Thank you all for the years of support and feedback.  I'm not going away, just stepping back for a bit. I'll continue to post book related content on my Facebook page and am happy to give recommendations--just drop me a message. 

With much love and gratitude--

The Bookalicious Babe 


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