Thursday, December 29, 2022

December Read: Flora's Traveling Christmas Shop by Rebecca Raisin


I only managed to read a few holiday novels this year. I still have 3-4 unread at home, and they'll have to wait until next year. I'm not feeling the Christmas vibes anymore, so on the shelf they go until next November!

I've read all of Rebecca Raisin's traveling novels and this is the first one that takes place during Christmas. Flora lives in London and just got fired from her favorite job: working at a year-round Christmas store. She's at a loss as to what to do next; she's almost 30 and just can't catch a break. Her best friend suggests she work for herself, since she keeps losing jobs because she's outspoken and shines a bit too brightly for people. 

Flora decides the best place to be is Lapland, home of reindeer, the Northern Lights, and an outdoor Christmas market. She buys a van to live, travel, and run her Christmas shop out of, and after a shaky start, settles in at the market. She's a bit of a fish out of water here, too, and has managed to already annoy the manager of the market, Connor aka Nordic God. 

Connor is not a fan of Christmas, not at all--and Flora decides it's her job to change his mind. 

This was a fun semi-romantic novel about starting over, pursuing your dream, and maybe, if you're lucky, falling in love. I enjoyed the setting and the other characters that are introduced at the market. Flora takes a bit to get used to--she just finds herself in all sorts of situations, and somehow manages to come out the other side. Most of what I enjoyed about this novel revolved around Flora's decision to pursue her love of all things Christmas and be true to herself. Instead of trying to bend her personality and ambition to fit other people's jobs and viewpoints, she decided to be herself and find a way to make her passions work for her. 

I also enjoyed the setting and can check Lapland off my list of interesting places to read about. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. 

I'd suggest reading the other two novels in the "travelling" series: Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop, and Aria's Travelling Book Shop. Rebecca Raisin has written many other novels, as well. I enjoy her books and already have another title on my TBR pile for 2023.

Rating: 3/6 for an entertaining Christmas novel about Lapland, finding love in unexpected places, and creating a life around your passion. 

Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. 

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