Sunday, June 4, 2023

June Read: The Only Purple House in Town by Ann Aguirre


Another ARC I've had for a bit and I finally sat down to dive into it! This novel won't be published until July 11th (U.S.). It was a perfectly fun read for early summer. 

Ann Aguirre has written three other romances that make up the Fix-It Witches series. While this also takes place in St. Claire, IL, and features pop-ins from characters in that series, it can be read on its own. The romance is on the light side with no spicey scenes; it' actually quite mild, but that is part of the charm. 

St. Claire, IL is chock-full of witches, shape shifters, and other paranormal folks. It's a magical place. Iris Collins inherits her great Aunt's purple victorian home and can't wait to move to St. Claire. She's definitely the odd one in her family of psychic vampires; Iris has no talents or magic and can't seem to catch a break. Her online jewelry business hasn't taken off and she's up to her neck in debt. This sudden inheritance is the perfect way for her to start all over again, away from her family and roommates who can't wait to see her leave. 

Iris is a sweet, gentle character who does her best to put everyone she meets at ease. She moves into her purple home, but still doesn't have any money. She decides to advertise for roommates, as the home has plenty of bedrooms and the rent will help Iris pay bills. She gets more than she could have expected, though, because the folks who rent rooms from Iris are all wonderful people. There's Henry Dale, an older man who has no  family, but loves to stay busy with woodworking projects; Sally, who is suddenly single and exploring her options; and Eli. Eli is a young man who knew Iris when they were kids; she left a lasting impression on Eli and he's never forgotten her In fact, he's checked out her social media and found out she's moved to St. Claire. Meeting her unexpectedly at a cafe, he's all ready to introduce himself when Iris mistakes him for a potential roommate. Eli takes the opportunity and rents a room from Iris. He's got some deep feelings for Iris, but doesn't know how to even begin to express himself. Iris doesn't recognize him from childhood, so his secret is safe. For now. 

Iris' home soon becomes a happy place for a group of misfits who all bring talents that bloom once they've found a safe place to land. Part of the novel is about Eli and Iris, and Eli's secrets (he's got money, he rented a room under false pretenses).  There's a grumpy neighbor who's out to make Iris' life miserable. There's the bombshell that Iris' family drops on her. Little things here and there that keep the story moving along. Interesting twist in Iris' story unfolds in the last part of the novel, but it answers some questions about who she is and if she has any magical talent. I enjoyed this novel very much. 

Rating 4/6:  

Just a sweet, gentle read about people finding their new family and letting go of people who don't accept or love them for what they are. Most of the characters begin loving themselves and opening up to others after years of not feeling they are worthy of love. There are  some LGBTQ themes, which makes this a great book to review in June for Pride Month. 

A big thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca for an advanced reader's copy. This novel will be out in trade paperback on July 11, 2023 in the U.S. It will also be available in ebook and audio. I'd call this "cozy fantasy" rather than a full out romance. If you liked Legends and Lattes, you will like this, too.

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