Thursday, September 14, 2023

September Read: Enchanted to Meet You (The Witches of West Harbor #1) by Meg Cabot


Yes, another witchy-lit book! I could keep reading them for months, but I've got to pivot after this one to some of the other titles I've got stacked here at home. So please indulge me with this latest read by beloved author Meg Cabot.

This novel is definitely a romance with one spicy scene in particular but overall just the right amount of simmering heat throughout between Jessica Gold and the charming Derrick Winters. He's definitely swoon-worthy!

Jessica calls herself a cottage witch--one that creates simple spells to help folks and overall make everyone happy and content. She owns a clothing boutique in the lovely village of West Harbor. Yes, witches exist, but they don't announce it to many and mostly keep it quiet. Jessica's high school nemesis Rosalie is also a witch who controls the weather--and when she's mad, the weather takes a turn. 

The village's annual harvest celebration is just around the corner, and a few strange things are starting to happen-bad weather, accidents; just enough for those who are sensitive to wonder what is going on. Enter Derrick, who approaches Jessica at her boutique one day to tell her she's The Chosen One and he needs her help. Doesn't hurt he's gorgeous and has a very healing way with his hands. It's a definite mutual attraction, but can Jessica trust Derrick? He's definitely not telling her the whole story.

They're under a time crunch to find The Bringer of Light--the one who, with Jessica, can save the village from destruction the night of the Harvest Ball. Restless demons are gathering strength to ruin the village for past sins. Only Jessica and The Bringer of Light can hope to save the village. And The Bringer of Light? That's Esther, a local high schooler who is probably the coolest, most chill teenage girl I've ever come across. 

I'm happy to know this is the first in the Witches of West Harbor series. I know there are oodles of Meg Cabot fans out there; I have only read a few of her books but I always enjoy them. Her romantic characters are well written and certainly believable in their attraction and their troubles. Supporting characters--Jess' friends and other village residents gave this a cozy feel and I can't wait to return for more stories with Jessica and crew. 

Rating: 4/6 for a cozy romance filled with a bit of spice, Italian comfort food, good friends and a race to save a village from some nasty demons. Romance is just right!

Available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. 

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