Monday, August 23, 2010

Countdown to the End of August

I am so glad I pre-ordered Mockingjay!  I will probably check one out from work and start reading it promptly tomorrow after I do my five mile run.  It will be a reward.  Everyone at work who hasn't read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is getting with the program and reading them this week.  My niece Jamie reported in after reading The Hunger Games and is freaking out because she has to wait a few days to pick up Catching Fire.  When I told her the final book in the trilogy comes out Tuesday, she just sighed.  Oh, and school just started.  Gee, sorry kids!  

We received our shipment of Mockingjay late last week, and we could look at the boxes, but couldn't open them.  Oh so close, yet so far!  Sometimes strict on sale dates stink!  I suspect we will have a large influx of kids in the store tomorrow afternoon after school lets out to pick up the book.  Parents--your kids will probably be quietly sitting in their rooms tomorrow night, breathlessly reading, so just leave 'em alone.  You can start on The Hunger Games  and next week if you ask nicely, your child may be willing to loan you the other two.  
I do know of a few people in my family who need to read these--I'll be picking up some copies on September 1st to pass around.  One week left of my self-imposed book buying ban!

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