Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tested at Work by Well Meaning Co-Workers

Apparently everyone at work knows I buy a lot of books, cause last night at work I had three different co-workers tell me about books I had to read.  Arrgh!!  I love them all, but my golly, I will not make it if they all gang up on me!  I've taken to keeping a list of books I want to buy after my self-imposed ban.  It's a good thing Bud will be busy hunting this fall, since I will need plenty of time to read through my growing list.  I have read two of my already purchased books, so I'm getting a good start on the backlog.  

There's a new humor book by Lane Smith that I fell in love with yesterday.  If you're familiar with Lane Smith, you know he co-wrote The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales (one of my all time favorite kids books).  It's called It's A Book and it's a simple tale about a monkey, a mouse, and a jackass.  The Monkey is reading a book, and the jackass has no idea what it is, because he uses every electronic gadget around to read.  It's a very simple story, but it is so da*n funny it will make you laugh out loud.  

It will definitely be on my bookcase at home, and I hope we never get to the point where we have to have a monkey show us what a book really is!  I believe there's room for many ways to read, as long as people realize they have to grab a book once in a while and enjoy the smell and feel of it, along with the story. There really is nothing like the comfort of settling in with a book for a good long read.

The ever brilliant Lane
Smith does it again

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